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I am impressed with the fact that Darrin is both relaxed and personable and yet is driven and determined in his desire for success.

Darrin impresses me with his positive and can-do attitude.

Randy H

Darrin is someone that uniquely stands out in my mind as one individual that can get things done.

He can visualize the goal and aims for success in achieving that goal.

Darby S.

have known Darrin sand for 39 years.

He has always been trustworthy and reliable.

Doug B.

I had the pleasure to work with Mr Sand.

He is a stand up guy that was easy to work with, and very knowledgeable. I would enjoy the opportunity to work with him again.

C. Peterson

I have known Darrin my entire life, and he is one of the most reliable, hard working, and friendly people I have ever met.

He is willing to put in extra effort to push plans through to the finish line, and he does it with an open honesty that can be hard to find in today's world. I am proud to call Darrin a friend and would recommend him highly.

William D.

I have known Darrin on a personal and business level for over 30 years.

Darrin is a pleasure to work a long side with his positive attitude and his work ethic. He has experience in several different areas including management skills. I am convinced Darrin will be successful in any endeavor he attempts.

Brooks G.

I worked with Darrin Sand and when we needed a software program to improve our efficiency, he researched and created it himself.

He has always been a problem solver!!!!

Nathan L.

We have interacted with Darrin professionally many times over the years, he has always been a great communicator that does what he says he will do.

Lantz B.

During our years working together, Darrin displayed talents in bringing people together to achieve a common goal and that is a strength I see in him.

Chris M.

Darrin Sand is a sharp guy that is always reliable!

H. Bottleson

I’ve personally observed coworkers and peers in the industry at other organizations praise Darrin for his dedication and common sense approach to getting things done.

Brad Q

Darrin has a unique skill in his ability to develop working relationships with and maintain clear and open communications.

Chad R.

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